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One on One Coaching Packages and Prices

15 Minute Discovery Call
  • 15 min
  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

This consultation is free, and during this time we get a better understanding of your needs and how best we can assist you, and decide on one of the two packages that will get you desired results.

Purpose Map Coaching - 3 sessions - 35 mins each
  • 35 min
  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.
This is where we will put pen to paper, brainstorm together and identify what your purpose is, how we will use that for your own personal development. Price USD 499
Confidence Coaching - 6 sessions - 40 mins each
  • 40 min
  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.
Here we will discuss the challenges you are currently facing and get in detail with your personal mindset, speak on limitations, and confidence issues and create a plan based on your specific need. Price USD 799
Small Business Owners Group Confidence Coaching
  • 1 hr
  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Are you a small business owner?
Are you considering starting a business?

If you answered yes to any of the above, but lack the confident mindset you NEED to start or continue, this session is for you.
This is a coaching session of 7 persons, where we strategize, plan and build confidence to be awesome ENTREPRENEURS.

Cost per person $70 USD

Other Services Offered


  • Would you like your school to be a part of the Transformed to Transform mentorship programme?

Speaking Engagements

  • Overcoming Fear
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Identifying Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Woman Empowerment

Personal Development Workshops/Training

  • Staff Training
  • Student Leaders
  • Church Leaders

With 1 Hour Sessions or More

You'll get a complimentary TRANSFORMED TO TRANSFORMED TEE​

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal, by providing strategies, tips and tools to implement in their specific situations to bring results.

My experiences of separation, leading to divorce, relocation to a country I have never been, loss of my mother, and how all that happened “transformed” me. Identifying my purpose and being confident in going after it, is why you are reading this today.

First, it’s cheaper. A coach assists you to achieve, accomplish and access what is already within you. A therapist deals with more hidden and deeper issues that sometimes require medication or years of “fixing”

I work with anyone who needs help building self confidence.

If you would like me to be a part of an event or program you’re having feel free to reach out