Find Your Real Purpose And Own The Life You Deserve Without Unhealthy Relationships Holding You Back.

Align with your true calling and unleash your hidden capacities... even if you have no where to start.

"What in the world am I doing with my life?"

Has this question been stuck in your mind lately? 

Maybe your circumstances don't align with your desires for your life. 

Maybe you are stuck in a relationship where you are not being fully accepted.

Maybe you are no longer fulfilled by the day-to-day tasks that you once loved.

Maybe the dreams you once had faded through time and your reality suddenly became your worst nightmare. 

I was once there too...

For what felt like the longest time I lived a life without true purpose.

I would wake up every morning with a sense of fake optimism before going to work...

I would do my morning routine reminding myself to remain grateful for what I had in life, but deep down I felt trapped.

I remember brushing my teeth and looking at the mirror with tears in my eyes, wondering if this is how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

I had fallen into my comfort zone and the so-called “rat race”.

I had everything society told me would make me successful:

  1. A family
  2. A degree
  3. A good-paying job
  4. A home

And the weekends… 

Yet, I still felt empty inside. 

My relationship was a disaster. I got married at 22, had my first child at 25, separated at 27, and divorced at 30. 

Being stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship was a huge factor in the reason why I felt purposeless. 

I remember being okay when I was home alone and the way my heart beat raised when I heard my partner’s vehicle park outside. 

It was terrifying...

It was not that I didn’t have greater ambitions, higher goals, or visions for a better future. But the fact that every time I tried to pursue more, I felt held back… By my partner, community, and society itself.

But I didn’t want to live life hiding behind someone’s shadow. 

At one point I realized most of us are trained to let societal norms shape our lives, and I had let them take control over mine. 

I knew I deserved better. But in order to do it, I had to do something that gave me the chills to even think about: I had to leave my toxic relationship and pursue life on my own. 

On top of that, I had a child with someone I thought would be there for the rest of my life. 

The thought of his presence not being there scared me to death because I was latched on to ‘the safe life’: the fake sense of security that following a laid out path made me feel. 

Maybe just like the path you are on right now...

Time passed and I eventually separated from my partner hoping for a better future. 

But as a result, I was left devastated, embarrassed, anxious, and lost.

But the scariest thing? 

The scariest thing was that it felt as though life had just passed by in a BLINK. 

A year later I found my voice and started speaking out against abusive relationships. I started attracting a supportive tribe that helped me through my down, just as much as I was helping them.

I was able to get out of my head, step outside of my comfort zone, and start living life how I envisioned would bring value to the world.

Take for example, Alicia.

Alicia was stuck in a toxic relationship when she came to me. She is a Christian which made it harder for her to decide if she was to leave or not. She decided to stay and started finding true happiness within herself shortly after our sessions.  

She stopped focusing on all the wrongs her husband had done. Instead, she dealt with her own insecurities and became confident in who she was, which made it sexy for her husband too!

That’s how the mission for my coaching business, Transformed To Transform, was founded.

There is more to life than meeting societal views.

Finding purpose and taking action towards my definition of a better world changed my life.

Through the process, I found more love towards myself, built unshakeable habits that set me up towards success, and increased my confidence 10-fold… 

The lessons I learned throughout my journey were the stepping stones that helped me become who I am today, and I would love to share those with YOU.

Introducing Lessons For A Better You

Lessons For A Better You is a six-module online course that will help you identify your real purpose in life, develop your self-confidenceincrease your self-esteem, understand your bad habits and how to turn them into good habits, learn a good mindset, and much more.



Embrace Self-Love

Learn how to accept your weaknesses, strengths, insecurities, and pride so you can move forward without hesitation. 

Increase Your Confidence

Confidence comes from within and your mindset plays a huge role in it. You'll learn how to achieve optimal balance between these two. 

Reach Closure In Relationships 

Learn how to assess your closest relationships and use your voice to communicate your emotions. Knowing who you can count on for support and accountability is HUGE. 

Discover Your True Purpose

There is science that backs up how living a life with purpose differs from living one without it. Learn how to self-explore your endless possibilities and tap into your fullest potential. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

From the moment you sign up for Lessons For A Better You, you'll receive instant life-time access to the members area where you can decide at which pace you consume the content and keep track of your progress. It can take you around 2-3 weeks to go through all the modules, but speed is not the goal here.

Your OWN transformation depends on how much action you take in your own life. Applying the lessons you learn at a consistent pace will lead you to your ultimate goals.

Here’s what people are saying about Coach Cee

Here's What Is Included In Each Module


Module 1: How To Identify & Let Go Off Toxic Relationships

In this module CoachCee will show you how to:

  • Identify Your Central Problem
  • Connect The Dots Between Your Past And Your Present
  • How Toxic Relationships Destroy Your True Life Purpose
  • And How You Can Let Them Go.


Module 2: Find What Is Holding You Back

Questioning the "why" of things often leads us to find justifications for our mistakes. Instead of asking ‘why didn't I reach my goal?’ ask ‘what prevented me from achieving this?’

Goals that result in success are something we should all have. But what happens when we plan the goal and don't achieve it? What do you do?


Module 3: Secrets To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

In this topic, you will learn how to identify limiting beliefs, find the cause of it, define what goal you want to achieve when you encounter some type of mental block, replace the old belief and then condition it until it becomes a habit.


Module 4: The Science Of Living A Purposeful Life

In this module, you'll learn the science behind living a purposeful life based on the results from researchers.

Different research carried out in the United States shows that having a life purpose reduces the risk of having heart disease by 27%, the chances of having a stroke by 22%, and halves when it comes to Alzheimer's.


Module 5: Self-confidence vs. Self-esteem

Ever wondered why your confidence can feel low when your self-esteem is high, or vice-versa?

In this module, you'll learn:

  • The Main Difference Between Having Confidence & Self-Esteem.
  • Easy Hacks to Build Confidence
  • How To Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones
  • Achieving Your Goals Through Habits


Module 6: Helping Others Helps You

In this final module of Lessons For A Better You we hone in on the personal rewards of helping others. Helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do, but it also helps you to be happier and healthier, mentally speaking.

Learn how to:

  • Improve Your Process Towards Transforming Your Life
  • Embrace Your Healing Journey
  • Let Yourself Shine Through Adversity
  • And my closing words to YOU.

Bonus #1

Self-Analysis Worksheets

Free Self-Analysis WorkSheets
Taking action was never made simpler!

With your FREE self-analysis worksheets you'll be able to:

  • Get to know yourself better
  • Evaluate your life situation as you go through each module 
  • Keep closer track of your transformation
  • Keep yourself accountable in a simple and efficient way

Bonus #2

11 Fast-Track Exercises  

Boost Your progress & take 11x more action!
11 Custom-Made Exercises To Help You Build Confidence FASTER.

Follow along each module, complete each exercise, and fast-track your progress towards finding purpose and building confidence. 

Exercises include:

  • Identifying Your Central Issue
  • Relationship Conflict Resolution
  • Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Mood Tracker
  • To-Do Planner
  • +6 More Transforming Exercises 

Bonus #3

15-Minute One-On-One Call

Meet Coach Cee & Gain Her support personally!

In this 15-minute call, Coach Cee will personally thank you for enrolling into Lessons For A Better You and get a better understanding of your needs so she can support you through your self-discovery journey. 

About Coach Cee

Founder & Visionary Of Transformed To Transform

Despite becoming divorced, losing her second parent after moving to an unfamiliar country "to start over" and being separated from her son for three years, Carol’s faith and values kept her vision focused upward.

Today she is beyond thrilled to work with others through their journey of rediscovery. She offers clients unique expertise on realigning priorities, overcoming incredible odds, and creating newfound balance in their lives. 

Through personal coaching services and her podcast Keeping it Real with Coach Cee, the platform is designed primarily for scarred women seeking to identify or re-identify their purpose, as well as reaching beyond their perceived limitations.

Carol is also the proud founder and co-owner at RE Empire Inc, specializing in t-shirt apparel and tutoring: "Unashamed to spread God's promises to us"



CoachCee helped me during my time of doubts and disappointments while going through marital issues where I was abused emotionally.

She coached me on how to take steps in dealing with my situation at the time. The advice I got from her in Dec 2019, had me in tears flowing from my face and heart pumping out of my chest for how I felt special and confident after I spoke with her.

She is positioned to help women like me. She is great at what she does.


Master of Science in Community Health (MScCH)

Carol is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching and motivational speaking. It has been fantastic working with Carol for the past one year on empowering individuals, and groups to become the best version of themselves.

Carol is dedicated, self-motivated, loyal and has won respect in the community because of her desire of helping to transform lives.

I will recommend Carol as the best inspiring coach and motivational speaker for individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to impact yourself, members and staffs.


Success Coach

I highly recommend Carol as a purpose and confidence coach. She has a passion for helping scarred women discover their true purpose and self worth through dedicated and focused coaching & counseling. Her dedication to her clients is impressive.

For her serving her clients is not a job, but a true passionate commitment. She utilizes all of her skill, experience and empathy to empower her clients to become most complete healthy version of themselves. I highly recommend Carol!

Learn How To Do Proper Self-Discovery, Find Your True Calling, & 10x Your Confidence!

Lessons For A Better You was created to help individuals just like YOU live a purposeful life without unhealthy relationships holding them back. Imagine living the life of your dreams, waking up every morning ready to take on whatever challenge life throws at you. 

Imagine being driven by the purest form of purpose, to the point where you attract the people you desire to be around WITHOUT trying. Your mind, body, and spirit radiates confidence. Nothing is stopping you from achieving your deepest goals and desires. You decide HOW to spend your time and WHO to spend it with. 

Imagine having the discipline and self-control you currently lack heading one step closer towards freedom. You manifest the glorious things you desire to happen in your life. You put in the work every day leaving a trail of blessings behind you for anyone to join your self-improvement journey. 

Now imagine yourself at the top of the mountain with a smile from ear to ear celebrating your success. 

The feeling that comes from that level of transformation is priceless. But the transformation journey itself can come with a hefty price tag. Some coaches can charge up to $1,000 for their online course or even $5,000 for personal coaching! 

I want you to succeed and relinquish being a slave to the norms society makes us put up with. My mission today is to help YOU. And I won't ask you an arm and a leg for it...

Online Course

Enroll in the self-study online course. 



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Self-Analysis Worksheet Bonus
  •  11 Fast-Track Exercises (Course Work)
  • 122-pg. Ebook Course Version (PDF)
  • 15-Minute Bonus Call

3-Month One-on-One coaching.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Self-Analysis Worksheet
  •  11 Fast-Track Exercises (Course Work)
  • 122-pg. Ebook Course Version (PDF)
  • 15-Minute Bonus Call
  • 3-Month Coaching (6) 40-Min. Sessions 



Course Enrollments close on October 15th 2020


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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't just quit my relationship or quit my job. Is that what you are telling me to do?

I am not coaching individuals to leave their relationships/marriages. That decision is totally up to you. My job as your transformation coach, is to build you, causing YOU to self-explore, self examine, and train your mindset to think and see the greater and bigger picture of the whole you!

You were created on PURPOSE, for Purpose. Own it, walk in it, Claim it!

Aside from learning from your own life experience overcoming adversity do you hold a degree?

Yes! I hold a post-graduate certificate in project management AND a bachelor’s degree in education.

Furthermore, I am also an affiliate and participant of Coaches on Parade by Victoria Holland, Lesson Alive by Valerie Cerra, and Young Lady Leaders, which was founded by Heather Carter. 

Do I need any software for the course?

Nope! All you need to access this online course is a computer or a phone and an internet connection. 

How long will it take to go through the content?

Lessons For A Better You was broken down in 6 modules you can go through at your own pace. It can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to consume the content.  

Will I have personal access to you? 

The $199 option of this course does not include a direct line of communication between us. Nevertheless, you do have an option to add comments on each module asking questions or concerns to which I can answer.

The $799 option does come with a direct line of communication between us via phone number or Zoom. Calls are only to be made on scheduled days. 

You are more than welcome to send me an email to with any questions or concerns you might have. 

Online Course

Enroll in the self-study online course. 



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Self-Analysis Worksheet Bonus
  •  11 Fast-Track Exercises (Course Work)
  • 122-pg. Ebook Course Version (PDF)
  • 15-Minute Bonus Call

3-Month One-on-One coaching.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Self-Analysis Worksheet
  •  11 Fast-Track Exercises (Course Work)
  • 122-pg. Ebook Course Version (PDF)
  • 15-Minute Bonus Call
  • 3-Month Coaching (6) 40-Min. Sessions



Your Life Changes The Moment You Make A New, Congruent, & Committed Decision...

Telling my story and empowering others to make decisions that change their lives forever is my passion. I created this course thinking about you. Within it are the lessons that changed my life. I hope you find my work nothing less than inspiring and motivating. 

I wish you prosperity and fruition in your journey. And whenever you reach your desired destination, never forget to give back. 

Carol E.


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