Hi! I’m Carol Edwards, a mother, survivor, speaker, entrepreneur, and woman of God. I’m also a purpose and confidence coach and serve clients from all walks of life as the CEO and Visionary of Transformed to Transform Speaking and Coaching Services.

We have all experienced adversity. Whether it be in the form of divorce, separation, verbal and emotional abuse, abandonment, or in numerous other ways.

Despite losing both parents and suddenly becoming a single mother in an unfamiliar country, my faith and the values kept my vision focussed upward.That vision continues to propel me in this exciting and fulfilling career. Today I am beyond thrilled to work with others through their journey of rediscovery.

When faced with adversity it is up to you to let it break you or overcome it and keep moving forward. The great news is that you don’t have to face adversity alone. My life experience has allowed me to help people like you to realign priorities, overcome incredible odds, and create newfound balance in their lives. 

Through my coaching service or my podcast Keeping it Real with Coach Cee, I want to help strong women like yourself who are seeking to identify or re-identify their purpose, as well as reach far beyond what they may see as their current limit.

If it wasn’t for the adversity I had to overcome I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today I am beyond happy and thrilled that I am able to work by helping people like you go through a journey of rediscovery. I am thankful that I am able to offer you perspectives from a place of passion, experience, and hope. 

Remember that you are not alone and you don’t have to face adversity alone.

“Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you are better than everyone, it’s being humble and assured that YOU don’t have to compare yourself to anyone at all” – Coach Cee

My Passion

As a woman, who have been through some “stuff”. It is my passion as a Purpose and Confidence Coach to touch the lives of women who are facing similar or going through a life changing season. I am passionate to change the lives of women, who believe all hope is gone after, losing a marriage, relocation, suffered abuse of any sort that it’s okay to live again. I am passionate about the things that will help my clients move from “safe-zones” to faith, from pain to promise and challenge all limitations for themselves. Hence, I have one on one coaching packages as I believe it’s more personal and relatable and a safe place to “discover” who you truly are under the hurt and pain.

My Goals

To have Transformed to Transform, not only be a coaching and speaking business, but to one day have a conference with all the women I have coached and women in general, who wishes to share and empower other women through their stories.

My Goal is to transform at least 15 women every month, to get them back in a mindset to believing in themselves again and WIN at life.

What Carol's Friends & Family have to say in two words"

Natalie – Energetic, Positive  |  Amanda -Positive, Energised  |  Melissa – Powerful, real  |  Yesh – Charismatic, dependable  |   Sasha – Motivated, Strong willed  |   Nidia – Outgoing, loyal  |   Damion – Graceful, Determine, Alicia Ambitious, Vivacious  |   Frederick – Smart, Strong  |  Nakita – Passionate, Genuine  |   Karlene – Bold, Fearless  |   Deidra – Affectionate, Loyal  |   Kamesha – Driven, Charismatic  |  Jennifer – Passionate, driven   Candice – Vibrant, determined   Rachel – Enthusiastic, Beautiful