Unleash purpose with confidence.

Helping executive women in unhealthy relationships recover and empower their self-belief, so they live a life full of clarity and focus.


Let Go Off The Past


Regain Self-Love


Live the Life You Deserve

Living a “what if” reality is driving you borderline crazy…

Committing to the wrong partner feels like being tied to a chain keeping you from moving forward.  You know you deserve better. Your future is calling you, but it feels like an impossible chain to break.

Do you ever wonder:

Am I doing something wrong to make him treat me the way he does?

Would I be selfish if I leave my relationship, after all my spouse did for me?

If I leave, how will I survive on my own financially?

There is more to life than meeting societal vieus.


Hi! I’m Carol Edwards…

A mother, survivor, speaker, entrepreneur, and woman of God.

We have all experienced adversity. Whether it be in the form of divorce, separation, verbal and emotional abuse, abandonment, or in numerous other ways.

In my case, I lost both my parents and suddenly became a single mother in a new country while going through an extremely toxic relationship. I was left defeated, embarrassed, anxious, and lost.

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Learn the steps you need to take in order to break free from the toxic chains keeping you from tapping into your fullest potential.

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Let’s work hand in hand and let me guide you through your journey of re-discovery. My goal is to make sure you have the right tools, mindset, and support to overcome your crisis.

Speaking Events

Sharing my story is my calling. I walk through life trying my best to empower people to take absolute control of their environment. So they can unleash purpose with confidence.

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